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How a "Hero" moment increased the recommended product selection by +70%

Stride Health

Stride Health helps independent workers navigate the complexities being independent, providing tools for finding the right health, dental, and vision insurance plans, for tracking finances, and planning for taxes.

My Role

Competitive Analysis, UX/UI Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Requirement Writing

The Problem

Picking the right health insurance plan is HARD. After I conducted exploratory research interviews, I found common themes: people felt scammed by false promises of coverage and rejected claims; people were frustrated by unfamiliar terminology; and, when it came to using the Marketplace, people were overwhelmed by the amount of plan options from which to choose.

We already had a tool to help people find marketplace plans, but it did not address these common pain points:

1) finding the best plan for their specific situation;
2) describing the plan in an approachable way, and;
3) increasing confidence in selecting a plan that will cover their needs.

The Process

I started by learning about the problems by listening to people. I designed, recruited, and interviewed real people about their experiences with independent work and specifically, health insurance.

Armed with research and precedent , I started sketching ideas. First on paper, then in Figma. I held remote design reviews with peers and stakeholders and continued user testing. During testing, interviewees reported feeling more confident with the recommended plan, responding positively to copy, and appreciating the focus of only viewing a single plan. This gave us good signal the design was on track to reach our goals.

The Solution & Outcome

After iteration, design critique, and testing, we decided to create a new page within the Health Shopping Flow where only the Recommended plan would live. This accomplished a few things:

1) A focused view of just the persons' top recommended plan;
2) An easy-to-understand explanation why it's recommended,
3) A contextual breakdown of complex concepts like deductible and out-of-pocket max to instill confidence and understanding

I met with my engineering lead and product manager to break the final design into phases, after which we divided designs into Jira tasks for implementation.

The final result was an increase in the recommended plan selection by 70.1% after one month of the first phase being live. While waiting for phase 1 analytics to build, I conducted user interviews on phase 1 and began working on the next iteration of "Hero Moment."

Let's Work

Portland, OR

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