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How moving the location of a Filter menu increased overall conversion rate by 4%

Stride Health

Stride Health helps independent workers navigate the complexities being an independent worker, providing tools for finding the right health, dental, and vision insurance plans, tracking finances, and planning for taxes.

My Role

UX/UI Design

The Problem

At the end of the 2024 Open Enrollment period, Stride's health insurance enrollment numbers fell short of our target. And for the last several years, we had been operating with a very lean design team and low design priority. Following a restructuring within the company, our new leadership team made the strategic decision to address known user experience deficiencies that had previously been overlooked with the goal of improving conversion.

We started with a quick test to move the location of Filter functionality to a more universal location.

Note: Check out the other case study "How simple UI changes can turn a suboptimal UI into a gorgeous one that increases brand trust" that tackled more holistic UI improvements following this experiment.

The Process

This was the simplest process. I had tracked this issue for a while as breaking a common convention. With my boss's support, we moved it to the left, set up an A/B test, and watched the results come in.

We approached this with minimal investment—no UI enhancements—just a day's work of engineering to move the menu and establish an A/B test.

The Solution & Outcome

After just one month, we observed a +4.19% increase in unique visitor conversions from the initial visit to plan selection.

You've probably recognized there are a lot of other usability and general layout problems happening in this view. For leadership, who, up until now didn't think UI improvements would be impactful, this very minimal investment combined with support to measure the experiment with an Amplitude A/B test, gave them the confidence that they needed to invest additional resources towards tackling these other problems and instilled trust in the design team.

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